Let's get your numbers to work

Skopos Collective is a financial consultancy who believes that knowing your numbers is essential to getting your business to the next level.

Ready to unlock your potential?

 We work with small business owners to organize their financial systems, create effective growth strategies and prepare for the right kind of funding opportunities.


Our vibe is approachable, our collaborative approach meets you where you are and our expertise helps you avoid costly trial and error learning.

What we do

Some clients call us their out-sourced CFO, others call us their business coach and financial sidekick. Whatever you call us, our goal is to provide you with tailored business services to get your business to the next level. Below are the four areas we make it happen.

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Financial Systems

As we’ve worked with business owners over the years, we noticed a trend with their financial system – they don’t have  one!  Skopos offers our BOOM approach to modernize your financial system and quell your financial woes.  

Strategic Planning

Skopos is all about being a great thought partner on your team that listens to your “crazy” ideas, asks the right questions and gives you a numbers-driven perspective on how to prioritize what’s important and work smarter.

Access to Capital

Navigating the capital world can be complicated and time-consuming. Whether you’re looking to expand into a new location, open that e-comm store or buy new equipment, we work with you to craft a sustainable financial plan and act on it. 


Our core mission is to bring financial literacy and awareness to small business owners. We deliver on this mission by partnering with organizations and companies to bring Skopos’ Numbers Lab – our transformative  financial literacy workshops  – to their audiences.

Why Choose Us?

Having a handle on your finances and budget is the most important factor that allows business owners to make smart decisions, become more profitable and grow into new markets or locations.


We share our tools, best practices and experience with you to think through your business model, build your business acumen and get to your destination faster.


Have your sights set on a new location, but not sure how to tackle lease negotiations, build-out, project costs, timeline and budget?  We know what it takes to ensure you’re organized and well-capitalized.