Finance Fun with Futureworks

Shout out to FutureWorks for the work they’re doing to inspire a new crop of makers and doers across the 5 boroughs!  Elli and Skopos collaborator, Alek Marfisi, led a class on the sexy topic of finance and operations for member companies of the FutureWorks Incubator program. Blake Garcia of Second Muse connected us with Keith Kirkland of WearWorks as our case study, so we gave his financial structure a little face lift.  Here’s a link to the class notes and video courtesy of FutureWorks.


Video Recap & 6 Essential Lessons from the Futureworks Finance & Operations Workshop at BF+DA

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When you’re looking for an approachable financial mentor, trust Skopos with training that’s on the money. ​

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