Case Study: Leerform Fabrication and Design

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“The estimator is invaluable—we use it all the time!” — Doug Young, Co-Founder, Leerform

We met Doug during a five-part class series we co-hosted with our community partners Evergreen Exchange called the “Break-Even Extravaganza!” Doug and his partners had recently started their company Leerform during the pandemic and wanted to get a better grasp on the numbers side of his business.

Leerform is an innovative design and fabrication studio whose services are tailored to meet the demands of museums, galleries, and artists. Their custom work involves many layers including specialized labor, new materials, delivery, and installation as well as advanced manufacturing tools and equipment.


The Challenge

As the team was focused on Leerform’s growth, everyone’s busy schedule meant that turnaround times on client proposals were being dragged out. Doug reached out to Skopos to see how we could help them stick to their schedules and stay on budget.


The Solution 

Leerform needed a smarter, methodical way to estimate costs and pricing for their custom projects. Doug needed a tool: a Job Cost Estimator that could provide a detailed look at the costs of a proposed client job in a standardized way, as well as be used to price a project based on a target gross margin.


Our Approach

To make the estimator, Skopos worked with Doug to organize the steps, people, time, and materials that went into past projects. Once we analyzed and dissected Leerform’s entire production and order management cycles, we then reviewed how they actually estimated projects day-to-day, giving us a better understanding of how they’re used to operating so we can ensure the usefulness of the estimator. Given the various functionalities Leerform needed, this estimator was developed in Excel. We pushed through a few rounds of edits and Doug tested the estimator on real prospect proposals; we were able to make tweaks based on his feedback in real-time. A few weeks later, we finalized a Job Cost Estimator that was just right and tested to work in the real world.


Where Are They Now?

Since its beginnings as an advanced manufacturing start-up during the pandemic, Leerform’s growth has remained steady. By pricing their services more deliberately, Doug and his team have been able to expand their offerings, move into additional spaces around Brooklyn, and add value to the communities they serve.


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