Skopos Spotlight: Jenny Nguyen, Hello Human

The founder of global public relations agency Hello Human on reimagining PR for creatives, seeking out a financial partner, and launching a business during the pandemic.

Skopos Manifesto

When I started Skopos in 2016, I wrote this Manifesto to expresses our philosophy, commitments and ideas that drive us.

Client Story: Evergreen Exchange

When you’re looking for an approachable financial mentor, trust Skopos with training that’s on the money.

The Benefit of B-Corporations

TWO FUNDAMENTALS OF BUSINESS As I entered my first business courses in college, we quickly learned the two fundamentals of business (and two tenants of U.S. Corporate Law):  Business exists to maximize profit Business exists to maximize shareholder (investor) value With these two fundamentals (heavily popularized in the 1970s) in mind, big business got into… Continue reading The Benefit of B-Corporations

Client Story: The Food Sermon

When Rawlston and Annette turned to us to expand The Food Sermon into a second location, we translated their expansion dreams into a viable business model.

Skopos Spotlight: Joe, Crest Hardware.

Skopos “30-Minutes With…” series highlights some of the best and brightest small business owners in NYC.  In our Manifesto, we express the awesomeness of small business owners, and we mean it.  “30-Minutes With…” puts us in touch with real business owners in NYC, and their stories. #FranklinThePig Crest Hardware is the epitome of a long-standing community… Continue reading Skopos Spotlight: Joe, Crest Hardware.

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