Skopos means purpose.

Humanized finance for purpose-driven businesses


Before starting Skopos, I worked with hundreds of business owners to navigate their expansion projects, leases, and loans, as well as handling a national recession, blackouts, hurricanes and, most recently, the pandemic. I spent seven years as an SBA underwriter where I declined too many loan requests from hard-working businesses. I’d spend time explaining why their loan request was declined, but still felt like I was part of a system that was keeping them down. If they only knew what I knew—how to properly prepare for and present a request for financing—their outcomes might have been different. 


So I set out to share my knowledge. I launched Skopos in 2016 with a mission to engage more business owners and encourage financial literacy. In a world that heavily favors large corporations, Skopos is committed to empowering community-based businesses to achieve their financial goals, starting with understanding the numbers, creating effective strategies, and preparing for the right kind of capital opportunities. 


What I do at Skopos—purpose, in Greek—is not a job, but a joy.  I love how small businesses reflect an entrepreneurial spirit, give essential character to communities, and offer a unique pathway to prosperity. 

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Our Values


Humanized finance.

We meet you where you are in your numbers journey and create a welcoming space for your curiosity to flourish into knowledge.


Innovation through co-creation.

Every business is different, so our approach is never one-size-fits all. We ask tailored questions and collaborate with clients to develop new financial tools, processes and systems for your unique needs.


Diversity is power.

Embracing diverse cultural, racial, and progressive business networks is core to our DNA, and curiosity guides us in expanding our perspectives. We believe that anyone can be a business owner, so long as they have the necessary support.


Social justice matters.

Skopos envisions a world where everyone has equal access to social, financial, and educational networks. By acknowledging inherent economic inequalities, we prioritize sharing resources with underserved entrepreneurs that provide pathways to economic opportunity.


More than profits.

Skopos champions values-based businesses that go beyond profit metrics and operate in an impactful way for the greater good.

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